PMN-A Series


Description: PMN-A series blowers are particularly designed to extract toxic and corrosive fumes, for exhalations of solvents, and in all those applications in which it is necessary to move air volumes through canalizations. Field of application: Up to 1200 m3/h, medium pressure, high performance. Fluid temperature: Up to 60° C in standard execution in polyethene; S in polypropylene fortemperatures up to 80° C. Constructive characteristics: The execution previews the use of housing completely moulded without welding in materials: PE – PEel – PP – PPS – PPel (see legend at page 6), impeller made of stainless steel, with forward curved blades statically and dynamically balanced and the installation of 2 or 4 poles electric motor – B5 for execution 5. On request: versions according to ATEX directive are available. Accessory: Motor support made of epoxy painted sheet steel or stainless steel.