PRL Series


Description: PRL series fans are particularly designed to extract vapors and corrosive air even if dusty (not abrasive).

Field of application: Up to 32.000 m3/h, medium-high pressures, high performance.

Fluid temperature: Up to 60° C in standard execution in polyethene; S in polypropylene for temperatures up to 80° C.

Constructive characteristics: The execution previews the use of housing manufactured in materials: PE – PEel – PP – PPS – PPel (see legend at page 6), welded backward curved blades impeller in material PP – PVC – Stainless Steel – Steel with Ebonite or fiberglass cobvering statically and dynamically balanced and the installation of 2 or 4 poles electric motor – B5 for execution 5.

On request: versions according to ATEX directive are available

Accessory: Motor support made of stainless steel.